Blackpink’s bodyguards and some customers got into an argument at a Hong Kong restaurant for taking pictures without asking for permission

Bodyguards of K-pop group Blackpink, who are currently in Hong Kong for a world tour, got into an argument at a Hong Kong restaurant over some fans taking pictures. Even though they are famous people, when they arrive in a foreign country, Blackpink usually wander and explore new things. The four of them were visible […]

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The Russian Miss Universe 2023 revealed that she was shunned by some contestants and threatened by Ukrainian citizens on social networks.

The Miss Universe 2023 pageant has become a place where not only the beauty and attitudes of the contestants can be seen, but also geopolitical conflicts. Especially, due to the shadow of the Ukraine-Russia war, there were problems between Miss Ukraine and Miss Russia. Regarding the finals of the Miss Universe competition that was held […]

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A missile hit a residential building in Ukraine, killing three and injuring 20, Ukraine warned of a Russian attack on the anniversary of the invasion.

Rescuers search for survivors amid the rubble of a building destroyed by Russian airstrikes in eastern Ukraine on February 2, as Ukraine says it expects such a war to come on the first anniversary of the Russian invasion. On February 1, a Russian missile hit a residential building in the center of Khmer Tosh, located […]

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Days before US President Joe Biden’s visit to Mexico, Mexican authorities arrested Ovido Guzman, son of drug lord El Chapo.

Mexican security forces arrested the son of drug lord El Chapo Guzman in prison on January 5, marking a clear victory in the battle against powerful drug cartels just days before US President Joe Biden arrived in Mexico. . Ovideo Guzman, nicknamed El Ratan (Rat), was arrested in Culiacan, a city in northwestern Mexico, and […]

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Bankrupt Sri Lanka says it will halve its army

Sri Lanka’s defense ministry said on Thursday it would halve its military strength as the bankrupt Sri Lankan government tries to restructure its troubled financial system. The island nation of Sri Lanka is still grappling with months of food and fuel shortages, with its 22 million people facing a food crisis last year. After the […]