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An Indian MP challenged Shah Rukh Khan to watch Pathaan with his daughter

As the backlash over Besharam Rang’s song from the hit movie Pathaan continued to grow, a politician in the state of Madhya Pradesh challenged Shahrukh Khan to watch the film with his daughter Suhana Khan.

After criticism from a minister of state, the speaker of that parliament, Geshid Gautam, again condemned Pathaan (to air) starring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone.

Some politicians thought that the film influenced religious concepts and the theme song was inappropriate and wild, and the last one asked Shahrukh to watch the movie with his daughter and post a picture to show her. Baby watching with the world.

The song was filmed at a beach party and one of the orange bikinis Di Pika wore was related to religion and protesting the burning of images of Shahrukh Khan. There are also requests not to show the film. On Twitter, too, posts calling for a boycott of Pathaan are trending.

Pathaan, 2023 Scheduled for release on January 25th.

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