The same group of students in the school, Gu Joon Phyo’s character was loved by the audience, while Pa Yeon Jin’s character was hated by many people.

While the role of Gu Joon Phyo, the leader of the school gang bully in the series Boys Over Flowers, was popular, the role of the villain Paeon Jin in The Glory series was hated by the audience.

In addition, the series The Glory, which was released by Netflix and starred Song Hye as the lead, was able to highlight the traditional school bullies, and the viewership rate also increased.

It’s been a month since The Glory (Season 1) aired, but the show is still buzzing with fans. Moon Dong-un’s (Song Hye-ko’s character) heartbreaking school bullies touched the hearts of the audience, and the audience expected the leader Pyeong-jin (Ling Ji-yeon’s character) to be hurt again.

It’s not until recently that Korean dramas often feature school bullies. However, the question arises as to why the audience can’t stand Pyongyang’s villainous actions.

14 years ago, the seminal hit drama series Boys Over Flowers featured several schoolboy scenes, most notably the leader of the delinquent F4 gang. Gu Jun Phyo’s actions against the poor student Gin Jandi are school violence.

In previous dramas and movies, school bullies were portrayed as beautiful characters, but after 14 years, the audience’s perception has changed significantly.

The Glory has yet to end, but fans want the villains in the story to feel pain, and their wish will likely be fulfilled in Season 2, which premieres on March 10.

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