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In Uganda, a villager who took 12 wives and fathered 102 children faced difficulties in his livelihood.

A Ugandan villager has so many children that he cannot remember the names of most of them, AFP reported on February 2.

A Ugandan villager named Musaha Sayakasira is struggling to feed his overpopulated family. He has 12 wives. 102 children He is said to have 578 grandchildren. Therefore, he said that he thinks that it is enough now.

“It was funny at first. Now that’s causing problems,” 68-year-old Musa Sayakasira told AFP at his family home in Bujisa village in Butaliga district, a rural area in eastern Uganda.

“I’m not in good health anymore. About two acres of land for such a large family. food Can’t buy basic food like food, Education “Two of my wives left because they couldn’t afford clothes,” he said.

Hasara, whose wives are now controlling the number of children they have to prevent the family from growing, said Hasara, who is currently unemployed but is a tourist attraction in the village.

“My wives are using birth control pills. I don’t use it. “I learned from my irresponsible act of taking too many children without being able to take care of them, so I will not take any more children,” he said.

A group of Hasaya’s children live mainly in a fast-deteriorating house with a rusting tin roof or two dozen grass huts nearby.

Hasaya married his first wife in 1972. They were only 17 years old when they got married in a traditional ceremony. A year later, their first child, Sandra Neville, was born.

“We only have two siblings, so my brother, kinds, “My friends advised me to marry more women so that we can have more children to expand our family heritage,” he said.

At that time, as a cattle trader and Hasaya, who works as a butcher and is attractive, says villagers have offered their daughters in marriage. He said that some of them are under 18 years of age.

Child marriage was banned in Uganda in 1995.

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