American company offers to sell high-tech drones to Ukraine for 1 dollar

A leading US company specializing in the production of advanced military surveillance drones announced on February 1 that it is ready to sell two advanced drones to Ukraine for 1 US dollar and the main offer. The US government approved the deal.

For months, General Atomic Aeronautical Systems has been urging the US government to sell its powerful Gray Eagle and Ripper drones to Ukraine.

These drones are in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and monitor other conflict areas; The drones used by US forces are very effective in carrying out attacks.

Long-range drones in temperate latitudes are among the most technically advanced and obvious technologies needed by war-torn Russian and Ukrainian forces.

Although the US military has supplied Ukraine with small combat drones and small surveillance drones, these drones do not have the same level of technology and long-range flying capabilities. such as the General Atomic Aviation Unmanned Aircraft System. “Ripple MQ-9 drones since the beginning of the Russian invasion; “We are beginning to explore options to meet the requirements of Ukrainian forces for our products, including the MQ-1C Gray Eagle unmanned aerial vehicle,” said the CEO of Ukraine. General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Linden Blue said in a statement.

He said the company will provide training to Ukrainian operators without paying any cost to the US or Ukrainian government.

The company’s ground control station is said to be ready to hand over two of the company’s trainer planes, along with other heavy equipment, for one US dollar.

Ukraine or any other person, assembles the aircraft; He said they should pay for the transfer and arrange a flight to the battlefield.

“The offer is a one-time deal with no strings attached,” Blue said. “All of these deals require U.S. government approval,” Blue said.

“In our view, it is too late to gather more information for Ukrainian forces to win this war,” he said.

Ukraine requires advanced weapons from the West and has asked the United States for F-16 fighter jets. The issue of aircraft supplies to Ukraine remains a divisive issue among Western leaders.

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