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The blizzard of the century has killed nearly 50 people across the United States

New York State Rescuers rushed to rescue residents trapped on December 26 in what authorities called the blizzard of the century.

A severe blizzard has killed nearly 50 people across the US and disrupted Christmas travel.

Snowstorm conditions persist in parts of the northeastern United States and stubborn areas are grappling with severe winter storms that have raged across the country for days. The winter storm caused widespread power outages. Additionally, at least 49 people have died in nine states, according to a government statement.

In New York state, authorities said conditions were dire, especially in New York state’s second-largest city, Buffalo, which was closed by snow for several hours. Rescuers are said to be searching for bodies in Buffalo. Cars, bodies Found under the snow, rescuers moved from car to car in search of survivors.

More than 15,000 US flights have been canceled in recent days, including nearly 4,000 flights canceled on December 1. 26 as a full-blown blizzard bringing high winds and sub-freezing temperatures.

Buffalo, a large city in Erie County, New York, is not only a green city with harsh winters, but it is now covered with snow.

“This is definitely the blizzard of the century,” New York Governor Cathy Hochull told reporters, adding it was too early to say the blizzard was over.

Hochul said several towns in western New York state had 30 to 40 inches (0.7 to 1 meter) of snow overnight. Late on December 26, Ho Chul spoke with President Joe Biden. Joe Biden said the state government is fully committed to supporting the State of New York. The President and First Lady Jill Biden prayed for those killed in the storm, the White House said in a statement.

The White House said in a statement that Mr. Biden had approved a state of emergency for New York State.

US National Weather Service predicts more than 14 inches of snow on December 26

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