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China’s major cities rush to equip hospital beds as rising COVID-19 infections worry the world

Cities across China rushed to equip hospital beds and set up fever screening clinics on December 20, as the United States said China’s sudden decision to spread the virus worried the world. .

China unexpectedly started withdrawing its strict Covid-19 ban policy this month. The Chinese government withdrew the policy after nearly three years of public protest. The anti-covid policy will benefit society, and the world’s second largest economy, China, will also cause significant damage. Today, the virus is ravaging a country of 1.4 billion people who don’t have natural, long-lasting protective immunity. viral mutations; Concerns are growing about the further impact on the economy.

“Whenever a virus spreads, it’s very intense; has the potential to mutate; ‘We know people can be at risk anywhere,'” State Department spokesman Nephrright said. on the 19th. The spread of the virus is both for the Chinese and global economy, and growth is also a concern, he added.

The Chinese government on December 20 announced that there were 5 deaths related to Covid-19. Five people died on December 20 after two died on December 19, the first deaths in weeks.

In total, the Chinese government has announced that 5,242 people have died from the virus since the outbreak began in the central city of Wuhan at the end of 2019, and the total number of deaths globally is extremely low.

But after China lifted control measures, including lifting mandatory medical checks on December 7, there is growing suspicion that the numbers underestimate how devastating the disease can be. for big cities.

Since the lifting of control, some hospitals are overloaded with patients, and pharmacies have run out of drugs. The streets are eerily quiet as residents stay home for fear of illness or infection.

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