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The United States warns that new sanctions will be imposed if North Korea conducts a nuclear test

On May 31, the United States announced its intention to strengthen UN sanctions after China and Russia vetoed a UN Security Council vote calling for the imposition of sanctions. tougher on North Korea if it conducts a nuclear test. say to ask.

When asked if the United States would make another attempt at the Security Council if North Korea unexpectedly resumes its nuclear test, UN Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield replied:
“Of course we will.”

“Sanctions must be enforced first and we have the power to enforce them, and I believe we will try again with a final draft resolution imposing sanctions. next,” Greenfield said. Paddy field.

North Korea did not conduct a nuclear test during US President Joe Biden’s Asia visit in May, but US intelligence may be preparing for its first nuclear test since 2017. speak.

The United States and South Korea said North Korea launched three missiles, including an intercontinental ballistic missile, on May 25, and the United States announced that the United States had urged them to hold a vote to strengthen sanctions against them. The United States said the test violated a 2017 United Nations resolution that warned of the consequences of further weapons testing.

However, Russia and China, which have strained relations with the West over the war in Ukraine, vetoed the draft resolution proposed by the US, saying the sanctions would increase tensions.

On May 26, the United States imposed new sanctions on North Korea, including two Russian banks. The move comes after China and Russia vetoed a vote to impose sanctions on North Korea at a United Nations Security Council meeting on May 26.

Since 2006, North Korea has gradually tightened UN sanctions.

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