Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park is located in central Georgia, part of the Caucasian plateau.

The business is steel; Industrial Equipment Electronics Mining; Chemicals; They work in the fields of wood and wine. The average annual income of every Georgia citizen is $ 1,2005, according to the World Bank’s 2018 report. The Georgian lari currency (US $ 1) equals 3.22 Larry.

The average literacy rate is 99.4%, from 6 to 18 years of age. There are more than 60 government universities and private universities. Ilia University and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Georgia is a country with a rich history and unique beauty. Geographically, Georgia is a very mountainous country, with the exception of the coastline of the Black Sea and the valley between the east and west of the country. The coastline of Georgia is 3110 kilometers long. The highest mountain is Mount Shkhara and is 5193 meters above sea level.

Forests cover about 40% of Georgia. In the forest, wild animals such as deer, antelopes Bears, Wild cats Wolves Foxes Many dogs Rabbits and eagles live on.

Georgia’s 14 restricted territories, four of which are restricted. 17 national parks; 17 control areas; The 14 natural habitats and the two protected areas make up almost 7% of the country. Georgia has a long history of establishing protected areas since the establishment of the Lagodekhi Restricted Territory in Georgia.

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, the largest city with a population of 1.1 million. As old as corn cobs lined with pavements, the old-fashioned style reflects the times in the long, complicated history of Persia and Russia.

The city’s unique architectural features include the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Holy Cross, and the Roman Catholic Church. These include the theater building, which includes decorative art galleries and Soviet-era buildings.

Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park is located in central Georgia, part of the Caucasian Plateau. It is also the largest park in the European continent. The pine trees cover more than 76,000 square meters of natural forest. In addition, there are rare tree species growing in the region. It is also a guesthouse for the animals that live with plants and flowers.

Krubera Cave is famous for being one of the deepest caves in the world. Georgia, Georgia It is located in the Arabika Massif, west of the Caucasus Mountains, located in Abkhazia. The length is 13,432 kilometers