Disc Brake vs Drum Brakes | Which is the Best Braking System?

Drum brakes and disc brakes are the two most common types of brakes now available. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and we’ll evaluate them today to see which is the better option for Indian driving conditions.

Let’s start with why you should choose one of the braking systems before we get into the comparison.

What Are the Benefits of Drum Brakes?

Drum brakes may be an outdated piece of equipment, but they can still hold their own in the ever-changing automotive industry. The following are the benefits of drum brakes and the disadvantages of disc brakes over drum brakes to help you decide.

Benefits of Drum Brakes

Drum brakes are inexpensive to produce since the components are simple to fabricate. This also keeps the vehicle’s overall expenditures low.

Drum brakes require less force to apply brakes due to their design.

It’s easier to recondition a wheel cylinder than it is to recondition disc brake callipers.

Parking brakes can be housed in drum brakes without taking any additional room.

Disc Brakes Have Some Drawbacks
Disc brakes are expensive to install and manufacture, which raises overall vehicle prices.
small amount of air in the master cylinder might cause the disc brakes to fail altogether, resulting in major accidents. 
This is why brake bleeding is required during vehicle maintenance.
Brake fluid must be changed frequently to avoid becoming less viscous.
disc brake without anti-lock brakes (ABS) has very high risk of sliding and locking the tyres.
What Are the Benefits of Disc Brakes?
When compared to drum brakes, disc brakes are newer and more advanced. 
They also have lot of braking power given their size. 
The advantages of disc brakes over drum brakes are listed below, along with the negatives of drum brakes.
The Benefits of Disc Brakes
Disc brakes, despite their tiny size, have lot of braking power and can stop high-
speed cars better than drum brakes.
The open design of the disc brakes allows for excellent heat dissipation, ensuring that they never overheat.
Because they are open, they do not retain any undesired material and hence do not rust or degrade in performance.
The ABS disc brakes ensure that the vehicle does not lock up while in use.for braking at high speeds Previously, they had problems with the vehicle locking up and losing control. Their biggest flaw has now become a strength thanks to ABS.
Drum Brakes Have Drawbacks
Drum brakes have poor heat dissipation, resulting in metal parts overheating and minor expansion.Because it is closed, it can gather undesired materials, which can lead to problems.