The Best Apps for Keeping Track of Your Child’s Phone

Parental controls enable people to establish limits on their children’s app access and general phone usage, and they act as “training wheels” for children and teenagers to develop healthy computing habits. We spent roughly 30 hours using seven parental-control apps on both iOS and Android devices to regulate our kids’ daily screen time, and we came to the conclusion that Apple Screen Time is best for iOS households, while Google Family Link is best for Android households with kids under 13. For Android households with children aged 13 and up, Qustodio is the preferable option.

Apple’s Screen Time is a free set of parental controls included in iOS 12, the newest version of the iPhone’s operating system. It enables parents to remotely supervise their child’s iPhone or iPad, set a daily limit on the amount of time they spend on specific applications, categories of apps, or the phone in general, and automatically restrict access to the phone at night. Because Apple has such tight control over its software and hardware, no other app provides you with as much visibility into and control over the operation of an iPhone or iPad.

Google Family Link is a free app that allows parents to manage their child’s Android phone from their iPhone or Android phone. With a single tap, parents may limit the amount of time their child spends on the phone, schedule the phone to be unreachable at night, and prevent their child’s phone access. Google Family Link, on the other hand, is restricted to children under the age of 13. Once children reach this age, they can create their own Google account and opt out of monitoring. While parents can entirely restrict the usage of specific apps, Google Family Link does not allow them to impose time limitations for those apps. If you’re looking for that functionality, or if you want to set up parental controls for your children,13 and older, you should consider Qustodio.